Riding an eBike is super fun and I am happy to share this with as many people as possible as well as provide and educate people on low-cost high quality options.
I have looked at many bike shops and did not see any high power bikes for off road use. Finding only very high priced bikes with mediocre specifications and quality.
CUSTOMIZATION, QUALITY and PRICE is what brought me to the Conversion Kit idea. A biker should be able to chose the size of battery and chose a favorite bike or nearly any bike to convert.
By being an online direct to consumer business we are able to provide the highest quality electric bikes and conversion kits at an AMAZING VALUE!
After years of R&D I am proud to provide the highest quality in the business and continue to find the newest and best technology. The manufacturers / factories for both the electric bike motor-wheels and the battery packs both have a long several year track record of producing superior quality products, as well they provide a manufacturer warranty which is 12 months for battery packs and conversion kit accessories, and 24 month warranty for the motor.
All of our battery packs are strictly made with the absolute best quality Samsung, Panasonic or LG brand cells depending on the application and requirement of amp output.

My name is Travis Hitchmough and I am the owner of Build Your eBike. I am located in Abbotsford B.C. Canada. and I can do local custom builds in the Lower Mainland area or simply refer you to a local bike shop which can do the installation.


North America Toll-Free 1-800-557-5337